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First released in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little wordpress is now the number one blogging platform. 2014 statistics show that wordpress is now used by more than 60 million websites! How reliable is that, right? WordPress started to be well known in 2008 when it made a brand new release to the public. WordPress use to be a general blogging site at first, as people started to understand more and more about wordpress they understood that they can take on zip file and upload it to their server and wordpress is up and running. WordPress has become so popular now that mostly any hosting company you purchase you’ll find  a ‘quick install’ for wordpress. This means that with one click wordpress will be automatically start running on the url which you confirm to do so. So this means no ftp or zip file needed. As wordpess becomes more and more popular things become even easier when it comes to installation and of course customization. 

WordPress For Bloggers

WordPress is most recommended for bloggers. It has magnificent seo and publishing admin dashboard that can’t go wrong. People have started celeb blogs, sports blogs, fashion blogs, make up blogs, basically anything they like to write about and they make money while writing down their thoughts. This is the new era of 2014 everyone so I hope that you’re all catching along.

WordPress: Themes,Templates, and Websites

Templates,Themes, and Websites mean all the same in wordpress. Though the word sounds simple it can take years for a developer to develop a website that its compatible to all the wordpress scripting and requirements. This is where it gets a bit tricky. Going on ‘wordpress theme markets’ and such you will find a lot of good looking wordpress sites and some may sell in bulk and some may have a new batch of sites every day,but in my view quality is way better than quantity. Judging from my experience most sites that you get for a low price and look really good are usually built by ‘freelancers’ (people that upload themes with little experience and no rules) and these sites are usually very slow or defective. Now what I would look for in a website is something that has good quality, company built, will sell you a commercial license, and is very appealing to the eye. 

WordPress Tips

Some great wordpress tips that I can think of right off the bat :

One category and 5 tags. This is a simple method that works very well in terms of seo when blogging. 

Htags: Don’t use to many. May look really pretty,but don’t use more than 3 on a page. 

Keyword Density: I know that you want to rank really badly, but play a little ‘hard to get’ with google. Don’t be so desperate because then they’ll call you spam. 

Plugins: Avoid using too many plugins as they can make your server very slow! Less plugins = better speed. Keep what you must, what you need, not extra things that don’t do too much work for you.

WordPress Websites:

WordPress websites are the new era and will rule 2015….just sayin 🙂 

Top Earning Blogs: 

This is how you ‘make money online’ in todays time. Lets get writing people!

Website Owner Daily Income Value Main Income
1 The Huffington Post Arianna Huffington $29,896 $21.82 Million Pay Per Click
2 Mashable Pete Cashmore $15,781 $11.52 Million Advertising Banners
3 Techcrunch Michael Arrington $14,816 $10.82 Million Advertising Banners
4 Engadget Peter Rojas $9,861 $7.2 Million Advertising Banners
5 Smashing Magazine Vitaly Friedman $6,382 $4.66 Million Advertising Banners
6 Tuts+ Collis Taeed $5,068 $3.7 Million Membership Area
7 Life Hacker Nick Denton $4,821 $3.52 Million Advertising Banners
8 Gizmodo Attila Talos $3,918 $2.86 Million Advertising Banners
9 Perez Hilton Mario Lavandeira $3,645 $2.66 Million Advertising Banners
10 Joystiq AOL $1,752 $1.28 Million CPM Advertising
11 Problogger Darren Rowse $1,751 $1.28 Million Advertising Banners
12 Kotaku Nick Denton $1,599 $1.17 Million Advertising Banners
13 Six Revisions Jacob Gube $1,587 $1.16 Million Advertising Banners
14 Noupe Noupe $1,400 $1.02 Million Advertising Banners
15 Venture Beat Matt Marshall $1,251 $913,721 Pay Per Click
16 CopyBlogger Brian Clark $1,184 $864,861 Affiliate Sales
17 Abduzeedo Fabio Sasso $983 $718,239 Advertising Banners
18 Talking Points Memo Joshua Marshall $887 $647,750 Advertising Banners
19 WPBeginner Syed Balkhi $692 $505,420 Affiliate Sales
20 Matt Cutts Matt Cutts $0* $488,944 Twitter
21 Steve Pavlina Steve Pavlina $664 $485,024 Pay Per Click
22 Slash Gear Ewdison Then $621 $453,999 Pay Per Click
23 Smart Passive Income Pat Flynn $607 $443,406 Affiliate Sales
24 John Chow John Chow $555 $405,242 Affiliate Sales
25 Freelance Switch Collis Ta’eed $533 $389,517 Membership Area
26 Shoemoney Jeremy Schoemaker $485 $354,112 Private Advertising
27 Gothamist Jake Dobkin $452 $330,022 Pay Per Click
28 Entrepreneurs Journey Yaro Starak $389 $284,170 Affiliate Sales
29 IncomeDiary Michael Dunlop $382 $279,505 Affiliate Sales
30 Chris Brogan Chris Brogan $371 $271,147 Affiliate Sales
31 Matts Marketing Blog Matt Carter $302 $220,834 Affiliate Sales
32 ClickNewz Lynn Terry $239 $174,873 Affiliate Sales
33 Dooce Heather B Armstrong $229 $167,580 Pay Per Click
34 Coolest Gadgets Allan Carlton $227 $166,069 Advertising Banners
35 Tony Robbins Tony Robbins $193 $141,526 Affiliate Sales
36 Just Creative Designs Jacob Cass $185 $135,497 Advertising Banners
37 David Risley David Risley $137 $100,588 Affiliate Sales
38 Car Advice Alborz Fallah $127 $92,886 Advertising Banners
39 Sizlopedia Saad Hamid $118 $86,842 Pay Per Click
40 Gary Vaynerchuk Gary Vaynerchuk $88 $64,744 Affiliate Sales
41 PC Mech David Risley $82 $59,955 Affiliate Sales
42 Timothy Sykes Timothy Sykes $81 $59,284 Affiliate Sales
43 Joel Comm Joel Comm $75 $55,408 Affiliate Sales
44 Tyler Cruz Tyler Cruz $74 $54,736 Affiliate Sales
45 Chris Garrett Chris Garrett $67 $49,327 Affiliate Sales
46 Money Dummy John Paul Aguiar $65 $48,093 Affiliate Sales
47 Retireat21 Michael Dunlop $65 $47,487 Affiliate Sales
48 Revenews ReveNews, LLC $64 $47,122 Affiliate Sales
49 StandOutBlogger Thomas Sinfield $59 $43,633 Affiliate Sales
50 BlogBareFoot Carrie Wilkerson $37 $27,390 Affiliate Sales


Real Estate WordPress Theme

 Real Estate WordPress Website 

What all real estate agents using wordpress must have!

By The Techxpert

real estate

Real estate agents out there are focused on gathering as many leads as possible from all areas they would expect and from places that they don’t expect. As times are changing real estate agents have shifted their perspective to finding leads through the web rather then doing a face to face with someone. Lets face it anywhere in the US whether it may be California,Texas,Miami,or New York a real estate agent always has a hard time to meeting a person face to face and getting to the ‘hey im an agent and if you have a house let me know.’ The person then usually says ‘sure,thanks’ and probably never really reaches out again. Living in 2014, now all house have cameras and that ‘keep away’ sign outside the door. So door knocking isn’t so welcoming or safe now a days either. This is why real estate agents are now focused on attracting clients to them instead of reaching out to every single person out there. And how do they do this? Easy,by the web. Most agents now a days are starting a blog. A blog is benefiting to a person mentally as they can really share what they feel with our without filtering. In this case real estate agents can start a blog and rank their way up to the ‘best real estate agent’ in their location. In order to do this you need to have a daily commitment as  im sure if you are a real estate agent you do have. Another major aspect in real estate is homes and images of those homes. Just because you are a real estate agent you can’t just put a 100 million dollar house on your website without asking permission from the listing agent and their photographer. Most would say its okay,but just to be safe keep a copy of that email that does say so. Now lets say you have their images and place it on your website. Now you are letting them know that you are the only person who they have on their list that is allowed to use their images. Now imagine this. Imagine if a spam crawler or just any normal person out there or maybe even another real estate agent that wasn’t too familiar with these rules.  Now this is really the only wordpress website with both image and content protection. So this means your blog ‘text’ cannot be stolen by anyone else. I would defiantly recommend using this website for your real estate website because unlike anything out there this one is actually company built, by a great web design company not just freelancers. If you go to any  ‘market’ out there and purchase something you’ll notice right below you’re purchase there will be a section that says if you know how to make a wordpress website just upload yours. So those aren’t very trustworthy. You make take a look at my recommendation at the menu tab above or the link that i will place below for all of you. Either way trust me its amazing and will really impress you. Below ive put a list of the 7 must have plugins to search for when making your real estate wordpress website.

Tips For Blogging Real Estate

1. WordPress Newsletter  + Subscribers List

Find a good subscribers list plugin so you can mail out new blogs or updated newsletters to subscribers. The one I recommend for all real estate agents would be MailPoet. You can look that up in the wordpress Plugins section.

2. WordPress Social Icons

If you want to have a successful blog you can’t skip your social buttons. The more blog shares you have the better rank you will go up to and more people will know about your website. I recommend Simple Share Buttons Adder by David Neal (I think the authors name is). Im using this one, really easy to add and works great.

3. Don’t forget how embed that video

Inside your text window click the text tab instead of the visual that you’re on and paste in your embedded code.

4. Map it out with google

Just like I taught you above how to embed your video follow the same instructions to add that google map of your location on your contact page.

5. Vimeo = Better Quality then Youtube

My view. Youtube is faster,cheaper, and lower quality. Vimeo seems a bit more professional and you get a better picture.

6. MLS Plugin !

WordPress plugins of course include the mls plugin! Don’t forget to download


SEO Tips for Blogs


  Seo Advice

By The Techxpert

Hello all bloggers! Seo is the 2nd most important thing that affects your business( the first being your actual product/offer to people) .  Lets go backwards for a second and see what SEO stands for.  Search Engine Optimization. Now thats the key to keep your mind focused on. You want to know how to reach new heights in SEO for your business.  Well first you need to think about what it actually means. To review from above its Search Engine Optimization. So the search engine in this case can be google,bing,or yahoo. The other key in this word is the ‘optimization’ now instead of being as linked on the web only focus on being as unique as you can on the web. What is your site about, how does it differ from other sites, and show that to the public. Google will pick up those results and categories you on a better rank by knowing your a good in quality. So the key is being correct and thinking about what you have to offer thats different. Be as unique as possible and avoid all black hat tricks or any other things that is advertised out there to help you in seo. Yes fiverr isn’t so great either. Basically anything that is computer generated is bad for you website. This means if you want to create an account somewhere and post an article, don’t do it through a computer software  that will post for example 100 articles in 10 minutes, those things are easily discovered. Its better to do it one by one and prevent your website being banned. If you’re website is banned on google, that status can almost be permanent. You may have read about sites that get unbanned,but lets face it there aren’t many of those out there and all the time that i have been using the web (years now) I have kept up with many different sites. I haven’t seen a banned site go unbanned, which is why these banned sites are placed on domain markets( another thing you should know about). If you think of starting a website and you don’t know if you should just purchase a 12 dollar domain or buy a used one, unless you have great knowledge and good tools I would suggest go with the new domain. Most people put their banned domains up for sale in the domain markets. There are ways that they fake their pr rank and backlinks, so unless you have good tools most online free tools will be fooled by this hack that they’ve create. With that said you have learned 2 things so far: 1. Be Unique  2. Avoid the ‘easy way‘ as there is no such thing. The 3rd thing you need to know is that being persistent online is what leads to success. This means sit down and plan out a schedule for yourself. See how you will plan your day, what time you have left for your online business, and write down your hours and how much time you will spend online and doing what online. The key to internet success is of course updating your content daily (which is best) or weekly (which is also fine,but a slower process). Generating new content lets search engines know that you are live,serious, and of course professional. You need to look as professional to the google index as well as to your viewers. You can’t post something one day and forget about your schedule the next day. So remember to always be persistent with your work. Be calm and good things will come to you.

SEO: Must Do’s when starting out your blog

(If you haven’t seen this before then use this as a checklist to see that you have everything done correctly)

Title and Description Lengths 

Make sure your title tags are 50 – 55 characters long

Make sure your meta description is 120 characters long

Titles Tags

Make sure you have a meta tag keyword placed in your title tag for the best seo results.


Having your url match what keyword you are trying to rank for is a definite seo booster!

WordPress Sites

Depending on how your website is built has a major effect with seo and ranking on google. Good quality websites= higher rank. Bad quality websites from freelancers= low results.

Domain Renewal Date

Google wants you to be dedicated! So this means don’t buy that domain for 1 year only. Go 5 years +.

Most websites don’t last more than three months and only purchasing your domain ‘yearly’ doesn’t make google trust you so much.


Your source of energy. Your wind. Your waves. This is what pushes your website further.As I wrote about above, if you write very unique and long content google will rank you even higher. In my mind quality is better than quantity and with experience google agrees as well. Make your articles above 250 words long. I would recommend 400 to be the average.

H tags. Colors, Bolds,Underlines 

Another seo trick for being unique is making your article look unique! So like you have customized your words now its time to customize your appearance. Be as organized as you can. Seperate your titles with H tags. Add a color pattern to certain points in your article. Bold the words that you feel are a must and underline what is crucial to know.

Alt Image Optimization 

Yes alt matters! Always place an image description on any image you upload.


Don’t for get to mention who wrote the article! A good seo practice is to hook up your google plus author profile to your blog. This is a great form of verification

Publish and Bookmark!

After you have written and tagged your content its now time for bookmarking it! This means let all your friends,followers, and subscribers know about what you just have published. Publish your article link to twitter,facebook,google plus, scoop it, delicious,reddit, and stumble upon.


Make a website or business video and upload it to metacafe,youtube,aol,and msn.

Keyword Density

Its important to keep your keyword density anywhere from 4% to 7% no more and no less. Have a keyword density more then that percentage can make google see your site as spammy and if its to low then your site will not be linked to that specific keyword because its to low.


Make sure you have ping’d your blog after you have published it. A ping is a signal that notifies search engines that you have new content.

Sitemap and Rss

Always have a generated sitemap + rss feed linked on your website and submitted to all top search engines.

Google  and Bing Verification

When opening a google and bing webmasters account you will get a file or a line of code that should be placed or uploaded to your site for google or bing to verify that you are the actual owner of the website. Make sure you are verified.

Make Money Online: The Easy Way

Making Money Online: WordPress,Seo,Themes, and Blogging

Tech Advice 

By The Techxpert


Welcome to 2014, now going on 2015 in acouple of months. I have opened a new blogging website and for those who have followed me know that my old one was filled with how to tutorials and some basic seo tips. This time Id like to push things further and introduce you all to the truth and relate it with what you’re really interested in when you thing about the internet. Now most of you who look up ‘seo tips’  ‘make money online’ will be sure to go through a lot of untrue or very similar articles about the same thing. I will tell you know in this blog and my future blogs the best way to make money, methods, whats in, and the latest SEO tips. Blogging now a days is the new era of our time. If you’re reading this blog you still have time to jump on that wagon.

Back Into History:  Computer Language 

In late 90s and beginning 2000’s those who bought domains are very wealthy in todays time. And why is that? Well because those domains were mostly single words and being a single word for example ‘shop’ its more likely to be googles highest match and end up number one in results. If you look around the web you will notice this pattern. Now blogs are the same thing, blogs have gotten popular this year as consumers read blogs, but if you start a blog in todays time it will start becoming very valuable now and even more later on. Most people now don’t focus on top website for their feeds, they like going on sites like stumble upon and reading random blogs because there is really good stuff out there today if you think about it. Before blogs were made with html website, static. This made it even harder for a developer to make a change. If lets say the developer wanted to add something to the menu with html, he or she would have to do it for EACH blog post created and webpage on the side. This made it very difficult for keeping up with a website. Imagine getting a client that wants to place an add on your site and pays you and you would have to update it one by one. Now the good part about this time is that PHP was created. Now this made it much easier for bloggers. They made only 1 file and included or pulled in that 1 file with a single line on each page. So now they would add that one line on each page only the first time. If then they wanted to make a change for example to the menu, they would pull up that file which was included on every website and they change it and save it there. Then that will be updated to all websites. Splitting their website into sections when developing it like ‘header’ ‘body’ ‘footer’ made it much easier to make changes on the site. However this may have been a development from html static pages, but if you wanted to create a blog with php back then you would either: be a developer yourself (you’d have to understand the computer language) or you would hire a company to build you a professional blogging site with an admin system so you can have a space where you publish blogs, with little to no seo options there for you. Now we all have a great interface to use and thats wordpress. It saves time,makes everything very easy to use, quick, and the best part is that you can install it in 15 minutes and start your own live blog.


Making Money 2015: Wordpress The New Platform 

WordPress is a very secure interface and being that its an ‘open’ software any security changes that it makes will be auto or by notification downloaded to your server and you will always have a company thats working there free for you to be secure. WordPress’s publishing system has become very very popular and it does live up to what it offers. You don’t need to know ANY coding at all and you can still use it . Get a hosting, do a quick install, save your pass info, and you’re ready to move on to the next step. Now lets focus on the appearance of your website. The more Attractive your website is the more Viewers coming back and bookmarks you will get on your website. If your website is built very well then you will have a better chance at ranking higher up in seo as it will meet both wordpress and google standards. Sites like Perez Hilton use wordpress. WordPress is the number one blogging platform. It competed with drupal back in 2011,but wordpress took that championship prize.


Making Money with Blogging : Highest Payed Blogs

How Much Average blogs make to the highest earning blogs 

WordPress is made out for high performance websites, and if you start a blog you can make a lot of money out of it today. Most sites that blog every day to acouple of times a week make an average of 2k to 30k a month. If you start blogging very uniquley and put even more work to creating more blogs, then you can make 40k to-500k a month. The highest paying site today from ads is The Huffington Post making 2.3 Million a Month! Which means 27million dollars a year! The best part is the only thing you need for this is hosting,good built website with wordpress, and time to invest in this project every day to acouple of times a week. Sometimes quality is better than quantity,but whatever is more comfortable for you to do is the best one to go with. Now lets get to wordpress themes. What are wordpress themes? Well basically the name ‘wordpress theme’ makes what it is sound a little less work then then project total wholeness.



Knowledge Behind WordPress Websites

WordPress vs Websites 

Most developers need to know php,javascsript,css,html, and mysql to start to learn how to create wordpress theme. A wordpress theme is actually a website,its not just a ‘theme’ you put on top. The average developer can take 1-4 years to develop a website and make it into a wordpress website so its called a ‘theme’. So now you basically understand that its not a ‘theme’ its an actual website. Now keep this in mind when you look at theme shops and free themes. What is in this ‘themes’ code can have a major effect on your website. This ‘themes’ code programs all your header info which google goes by and all the other files containing thousands of lines of code. Each website is different and each code is of course different. So having wordpress open is the first part and now you have something else to choose from. Now lets talk about where you can get themes and the right way to chose the theme and what opinion while doing research just now on what the best theme is out there. If you look at your themes dashboard inside your wordpress you will see some free themes on there.

Types of Themes

Choosing the correct wordpress theme 

Now as I mentioned at the top the theme is what code goes into the making of your website its not just a color change. So a free theme is built by a person who is testing out what they’re learning. The theme isn’s created by a group,team,company,ect and has maybe only 2 developments in it . A development can be anything from changing what the site does in the functions file or just changing a color shade. Any normal person can upload a free theme, even you. Number 1 thing to stay away from: free themes. Number 2:The number 2 thing to stay away from is themes that may be know as replicate theme online. For example ‘free premium themes’ now those themes may look good,but they are likely fit for spammers. They are very un secure and will have many places that spammers can inject their code into your theme and do a lot of damage. Number 3: Now this option is something that 40 percent of the people actually use,but I definitely don’t recommend it. Theme Marketplaces selling new themes everyday are a step up from free themes. What is their comparison? Theme marketplaces are not company themes, any single unlicensed author can sign up and place their theme on the market place. The best wordpress developers work with companies, so trusting a single freelance developer to hold the base of your future isn’t something that cuts it for me. The other thing that I notices is that all marketplace themes take up database and server space,the sites are usually very slow, and there is no form of protection on those sites at all. I have checked out some plugins for content protection, but the main issue with that is that it does interfere with your script because when a developer creates a script it doesn’t always know what code that plugin will have and if it will interfere with somethings there. So the best thing to do is go with an actual company theme.



Beautiful WordPress Themes

Beautiful WordPress Themes

By The Techxpert

To start discussing about wordpress some of you may know some background history on wordpress while others may not be so familiar with what it is. Okay so if you are iffy shall I say about using wordpress I will let you know everything you need to know about wordpress and show you the most beautiful wordpress theme of all wordpress themes out right now. First of all what is wordpress? Well, wordpress is a blogging platform that can be twisted for any type of business. So you can use wordpress for photographers, actors, astrologers,lawyers, film, entertainment,commerce, charity, basically any type of business. The key to finding a beautiful wordpress theme isn’t just the word ‘beautiful’ its basically knowing and understanding a little bit about the development of the theme itself out there. What I have learned by experience over these years on the computer and purchasing themes to try is that the ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ is really true. Think about it for a second, you are on the web and you search : Premium beautiful wordpress themes. You go to a site and you may see themes 40 bucks for personal use and 2500 for commercial (which means that you can officially use theme).  Then you think, how can this theme be 40,but if i want to use it commercially its 2500 and the same  ‘coding’ is inside (meaning its built the same way you just get a small license key). Now I only have 1 word for that and its : ‘FREELANCE’ yes NEVER buy any ‘freelance’ author based wordpress themes. Any market you go to and you see a ‘if you are an author sell your  theme’ that tells me that that market place isn’t that professional and thats why their themes won’t be reliable, too slow, or have other defects. Now what Ive always recommended is going for a company based team. A company is licensed most of the time or has enough experience and way more requirements to build you a good produce. Going by the price of how much companies are it can get pretty pricey so this is why Ive always recommended any theme thats multipurpose  to everyone.